STATUES.Com is a “Made in USA” statue manufacturer that uses combined service of custom sculpting, mold building and statue casting to create long lasting mementos to buyers worldwide.

Since 1995 and has partnered to offer you great deals on many of our White Bonded Marble statue reproductions.  Click Here

Who Uses Our Services?

 Many companies and organizations can successfully take advantage of the STATUES.Com experience.

    • Allowing STATUES.Com to be your personal production and fulfillment center creates the perfect combination for assisting corporations; non-profit and for-profit organizations take an idea and turn it into a 3-dimensional statue or architectural enhancement.
  • The image would be representational of the organizations purpose or symbol and used in fund-raising activities, as gifts to successful partnerships or recognition and for retail as well.
  • Company's logo can be reproduced in a 3-dimensional form, cast in our MARBLECast Material, and used for gift-giving or for award-giving. Figure can also be placed on marble base with room for a personalized engraved plate.
  • Church can have their monument sized statue reproduced in a smaller size, normally about 12" tall, and used for fund-raising activities.
  • Fraternal organizations can have a custom created symbolic statue sculpted, molded and then reproduced in the hundreds to help with their fund-raising activities.
  • Memorial companies can offer their customers the ability to have a custom sculpted statue or image made for their memorial setting.AlaskaTG
  • Plain flat marble slabs can be made for engraved words; edges can be routed, it can be made to look old and chipped like an ancient wall fragment, a wall-hanging part can be added on the back.
  • Marketing companies can use our services to create customized items for their customers marketing efforts.
  • Popular areas across the world can have their sites or art reproduced for resale.
  • Schools can have their mascots reproduced in large or small sizes for fund-raising efforts or to just have available as graduating gifts or to alumni.
  • Specialized shops can have hot-sellers reproduced at our facility instead of going through importers or third-world country manufacturing facilities at less quantity requirements.
  • Artists and sculptors can certainly have their pieces reproduced in our material, even drop-shipped to their customers in large or small quantities.
  • Online retailers can add any of our standard products to their shopping carts, remember we drop-ship too.
  • Other manufacturers can have parts made from MARBLECast Material o Such as furniture manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, staircases, balusters, tiles, trims, art objects, columns.
  • Entrepreneurial business ideas along with the need of a production facility that will be making the products for them at best cost and less quantity minimums than those offered overseas.
  • Advertising companies can use us to have their customers 3-D or 2-D idea produced
  • Tourist area shops can ask us to a one-of-a-kind product made because they know it does not exist elsewhere, therefore, allowing for great retail sales.
  • Properties with life-size and monumental-sized statues that know they could sell smaller reproductions of the large ones in their gift shops.
  • Interior Decorators can call on us to ask about their customers wants, such as a larger version of a piece found in our store, or something custom made appropriate for the environment.
  • Hospitals are always looking for gifts to give to large donators; customized statues can be made or picked from our store.
  • Associations are plenty the ideas here is endless ...