STATUES.Com is a “Made in USA” statue manufacturer that uses combined service of custom sculpting, mold building and statue casting to create long lasting mementos to buyers worldwide.

Since 1995 and has partnered to offer you great deals on many of our White Bonded Marble statue reproductions.  Click Here

Portraiture Bust Making

Most sought after service we offer.  Custom sculpting from a series of photographs is accomplished of a person living or for a tribute to someone who has past. See below a variety of examples

Over the years, the following have been the most popular, but any size or style can be ordered.  Call us direct at 801-366-5900 to discuss your idea with any of our experienced Custom Project Coordinators.

* Life Size (about 22" tall) * Half Life Size (about 15" tall)
* 3/4 Life Size (about 12" tall)

Replicas are made in either our white bonded marble or bronze.

As an additional option, we can paint the marble to look like bronze