STATUES.Com is a “Made in USA” statue manufacturer that uses combined service of custom sculpting, mold building and statue casting to create long lasting mementos to buyers worldwide.

Since 1995 and has partnered to offer you great deals on many of our White Bonded Marble statue reproductions.  Click Here

For the Sculptor

Our talented mold builders and production crew is ready to serve the sculptor who wishes to have their pieces reproduced in our unique white bonded marble material.

Personalized quality services include…

  1. High quality silicone material is used
  2. Backing can be either plaster, fiberglass or high strength plastic
  3. Style used in mold making is suitable and guaranteed for use with our white bonded marble material
  4. Style used in mold making is usually with flanges to secure a perfect close with backing material, for a perfect pour.
  5. Best way is always considered to ensure less seam lines and less cleaning

  1. Using white bonded marble material
  2. Any quantity-no minimums required
  3. Chasing, sanding and hand-cleaning of pieces, ready for delivery
  4. Work quality is guaranteed  

  1. No matter where you live, we can package and ship per your directions.
  2. Our 15+ years of experience allows us to offer you guaranteed packing methods to ensure safe travel between destinations

1. White Marble is beautiful material

2. Less expensive than bronze

3. Sculptor can reasonably price artwork to buyers

4. Classical artwork is what it is – Classical

5. Material is non-porous, therefore useful in so many ways

          6. Allows sculptor to create artworks in a new and classical medium, other than bronze-plaster-terracotta-cement-plastic-porcelain.