STATUES.Com is a “Made in USA” statue manufacturer that uses combined service of custom sculpting, mold building and statue casting to create long lasting mementos to buyers worldwide.

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Why Commission A Statue?



Having a sculptural artwork made from scratch is a “sculptural invention” that is created to represent life! 

Such impressions are used for private settings and for personal remembrance…concepts are made for commercial display or a public memorial and historical monument…but also for such ideas as small re-creations of larger artworks or a wall plaque telling a story!

Creations made for you will exist for future generations to ponder a little about those who existed during its invention.
Such example works made by STATUES.COM for clients throughout the years have included portraiture busts, full figure people, classical reproductions, symbolic artworks, historical figures, life represented, religious images.


So How Is It Done?

Well…commissioning sculptural artwork begins with designing a prototype model. Then…an in-house artist is chosen to assist in sculpting the original model figure and style. From this approved sculptural model, our in-house experienced mold builders manufacture a high quality mold and prepare it for casting.
The end result is your piece of artwork skillfully re-created in your choice of white Marble or Bronze.

How Much Does It Cost?


Commissions are priced and quoted on an individual basis, due to the nature of the piece work, design and detail. The following are part of the commissioned project and are combined in a single quote.

  • sculpting charge
  • molding building charge
  • cost per finished statue
  • add-ons, if any

Shipping and packing are never included as these cannot be pre-determined. 


And how do I begin? 

It’s always best to speak directly with one of our experienced project coordinators to discuss your idea or site-specific requirements as so much sensitive information usually is exchanged. S imply email your questions and/or request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone at 801-366-5900