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    Having a sculptural artwork made from scratch is a “sculptural invention” that is created to represent life!
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    Creations made for you will exist for future generations to ponder a little about those who existed during its invention
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    The end result is your piece of artwork skillfully re-created in your choice of white Marble or Bronze
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 STATUES.Com is a “Made in USA” statue manufacturer that uses combined service of custom sculpting, mold building and statue casting to create long lasting mementos to buyers worldwide.

Since 1995


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  • 100’s Of Affordable Classical Statues For Sale In Our Online Gift Store
  • Servicing the Wholesale Trade With Low Minimums
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Sculpting Team

  • Talent Range Include Portraiture Busts, Figurative, Animals, Reliefs and Awards
  • Experienced Artisans Shaping Any Size or Style
  • 100% In-House Local and Personalized Service


Production and Manufacturing

  • Proven To Be The Best In White Bonded Marble Reproductions Since 1995
  • Distinct Quality and Workmanship
  • No Order Too Small – Or – Too Big


Since 1993, MARBLECast Products, Inc. has never been just a sculpting studio.

Our added value to clients worldwide has been in our unique flair of taking your artistic desires, concepts and representations and turning them into fine works of art. Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, our team consists of Custom Project Coordinators, Hands On Artisans, 3D Printing Experts, Classical Sculptors, Silicone Mold Makers, Casting Technicians and a Fulfillment Team operating all under one roof! 

We take pride in not only having created the largest array of customized pieces of sculptural artworks over the years, but also the relationships that have come with those projects. No two projects have ever been identical. Customized sculptural project have included full figure sculptures, portraiture busts, award figurines, big statues, total statues groupings, iconic miniature replicas, photo to 3-dimensional, wall plaques, bas-reliefs and animals.

Our multi layered clientele includes the single one time client, the multi piece ordering client, and the wholesale and retail client.

We specialize in casting using our proprietary beautiful clean white Marblecast bonded marble and in true Everdur bronze.

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Project Highlights

  • Alaska Native Veterans Association members unveil bronze statue made by STATUES.COM honoring the Alaska Territorial Guard, which served during World War II from 1942-1947. image Veterans Association Alaska Territorial Guard
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STATUES.Com is honored to be the exclusive production facility for OPERATION NEVER FORGETa national nonprofit organization dedicated to building life-size portraiture memorial bust statues for the families of the brave servicemen and servicewomen of the United States Armed Services who have cut their lives short defending freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting the war on terror.